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Martin Luther and the German Reformation
1. (a) Describe the event that is taking place in the source
shown on the right.
Martin Luther expalin the 95 theses

(b)Mention one immediate consequence of this event.
The Pope excommunicated Martin Luther

1. Explain the following terms:
(a)justification by faith: That you are saved only by believing
(b) indulgences: Documents issued by the Poper to pardon sins for money
(c) Papal bull: document (law) given by Pope
(d) excommunicated: You are no longer a Christian
(e) heretic: Failure to meet the law that the church
(f) clerical celibacy:

2. Write briefly four important landmarks in the life of Martin Luther.


1. Why was the Council of Trent summoned? _To stop the Lutheran Reformation

2. Identify three conclusions reached at this Council.

(a) New ways of spreading Catholicism were created,such as cathecism and new schools
(b) New religious orders were founded to carry out the resolutions of Trent, and other orders were reformed.
(c) The Society of Jesus, founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola in 1540, supported the Pope during the counter-reformation

3. Name five countries in Europe where the Counter-Reformation was successful and one country where it was not.

(a) Successful in: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Austria
(b) Unsuccessful in: Germany

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